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  • Is your organisation nimble enough to steer at a moment’s instant to change course?
  • Is your organisation’s reputation managed dynamically and actively?
  • Are your plans risk adjusted?
  • How to succeed inspite of these forces and transform business to adapt to an ever-changing environment?

Many companies are unable to provide answers to above mentioned questions, mainly due to lack of foresight and planning.

A lot of Industries we serve are continually exposed to various challenges - external as well as internal. It is important to mitigate these risks appropriately to allow the business to grow unhindered.

QED's Business Advisory services help enable a 360° view of challenges faced by our clients, which helps in adapting to the ever changing environment, in order to achieve sustainable & efficient operations.

A short-term vision is detrimental to the organization’s success.The QED approach is structured, robust and nimble to assist various clients across multiple sectors and in various life-cycles.

Corporate Strategy

Our Business Advisory Services comprises of various strategy consulting capabilities, that enable clients to achieve core objects, by unlocking growth potential.

Our professionals offer distinctive, high- quality and personalised services to businesses. At QED Corporate Advisors, we combine Logic and Instinct to bring out the best solutions for all business challenges faced by our clients.

We help clients make informed decisions, to reduce costs, develop suitable approaches and build processes.

Some of the areas we deal in:
  • Efficiency and Cost Management
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Feasibility Study
  • New Investment Strategy
  • Financial Management Advisory
  • Operational Strategy

At QED Corporate Advisors, we are of the belief, that consulting is not only about business and strategy, its is about transformation of performance across the enterprise, i.e, Strategy into Reality.

Performance Improvement

Our aim is to help our clients, achieve leadership in their core business, leverage their core strength to grow into adjacent opportunities, and operate at superior levels of performance to drive industry-leading results.

To reach its potential, your organization must adapt and, not only evolve continuously, but must be able sustain its improvements. Our definition of success is aligned with that of our clients’, and as a result, we redefine "understanding our clients needs".

We can help you deliver measurable and sustainable improvement in the performance of your business by focusing on five basic parameters of your business, viz.,

Change is the only constant in this universe, and your strategy, finance, operations, people and even technology, are evolving constantly, and as such creates a very volatile environment. The aim is to eradicate all value-eroding issues, and to identify, create and develop processes to enhance value addition.

Some of QED's Offerings include :
  • Improving business performance
  • Transform Finance function into a value-additive function
  • Cost-reduction and Outsourcing
  • People & Culture Management
  • To use Technology as a catalyst


We provide comprehensive solutions to companies in transition, creditor constituencies, and other stakeholders, complete with an in-depth analysis of a company’s strengths and weaknesses, to eventually assist with the development of a clear strategy for moving forward.

The restructuring and turnaround experts at QED Corporate Advisors help management stabilize finances and operations to reassure all parties-in-interest that proactive steps are being taken to enhance value.

Many companies can face financial challenges or operational issues at some time. QED Corporate Advisors works with multiple stakeholders to determine and implement the best options to enable the continuity and success of a business.

Our solutions include :
  • strategic advice and planning
  • financial modelling
  • Crisis and interim management
  • performance improvement
  • risk management
  • transaction advice
  • crisis stabilisation and viability reviews
  • Strategic assessment
  • financial and operational restructuring
  • refinancing
  • sale of assets and divestments.


Any If you want your business to succeed, or if you need to convince investors or management to fund your initiatives, it is critical that you are equipped with a feasibility study that proves that your ideas are sound and that you have an execution plan that is practical.

Whether you are contemplating expansion, diversification, if you need to convince investors or management to fund your initiatives or an entrepreneurial venture, it is critical that you are equipped with a feasibility study that is reliable and accurate – reflecting on the practicality of the plan’s execution.

Market research is the first step before deciding entry into any market.
  • QED conducts comprehensive industry, customer and competitor analyses in order to determine market opportunities. The most optimal and relevant opportunities are zeroed in, and then, action plans for effective market penetration are formulated.
  • Market research is an integral tool used for business analysis, as it is essential to have a perspective on the potential market environment. QED systematically gathers essential figures and qualitative information, our clients require to better plan their new venture.
  • Methodical collection, assembling and scrutiny of information about competitors, market structure, products, pricing, government regulations, economic trends etc,. are made to arrive at the business’s target market and its environment. This helps in identifying potential pitfalls and threats in the market, and devise the market plan accordingly.
  • The length and depth of the market research will depend on the project type, sector, requirements and available resources of the customer.