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Fraud Risk Assessment

Our forensic, investigative and dispute services professionals help companies, where they suspect they have a problem. We strive to understand your need for sensitive and vital investigations to bring out the truth. We can help determine what happened, how it happened, and the risk exposure for the organisation through a fraud-risk assessment.

Some of the service, we provide, include the following :

  • Respond to allegations of financial fraud, waste and abuse
  • Implement, monitor and investigate federal anti-money laundering and anti-corruption regulations
  • Comply with federal settlement or deferred prosecution agreements acting as independent forensic monitors
  • Collect, process, host and analyze transaction data and trail
  • Communicate with regulators and stakeholders in connection with inquiries and investigations

Through a thorough fraud risk assessment, we can help you identify your levels of risk exposures, the areas of exposure, and levels of recovery possible, so that they can be mitigated and future processes strengthened.

Forensic & Investigative Services

A client's business is based on reputation - with employees, with public, with customers etc. Any loss of reputation, can erode value to every stakeholder involved.

A speedy assessment with the exact facts, and a credible plan to fix issues will be required, and, that's what we do. All this requires investigation, analysis and assessment – of accounts, people, communications, events, data.

We, at QED, provide our clients, guidance and assistance with forensic accounting, financial analysis and regulatory knowledge to ensure our clients economic risks are mitigated. Our team of professionals and other experts can help to investigate, analyse and resolve potential crises. Or better yet, provide services to identify weakness up front, and prevent issues from arising.

Dispute Advisory

QED's Dispute Advisory team provides a combination of accounting advice and expert witness evidence to assist, not only in the resolution of disputes, but also in the processes of arbitration, litigation, mediation, transaction disputes and insurance claims.

Our clients benefit from our ability to provide objective, well-researched reports and credible opinions on accounting issues. This results in favourable negotiations and settlements for our clients.