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Startup Advisory

For Entrepreneurs

Over the years, India has turned into a start-up destination and is magnet for entrepreneurs. This has opened various avenues, and has resulted in a Domino Effect, acting as a catalyst for furthering entrepreneurial ambitions of many. The average age of start-up founders is reducing by the day. However, on the flipside, start-ups require wide-ranging business experience, and as a result need mentoring support in setting up a business, in functional areas such as finance and HR, in business planning and the preparation of business plans, in enterprise valuation and in preparing for, approaching and negotiating with venture capitalists.

We assist such start-ups, and ensure that they are on their path to success. Our professionals at QED, are available to help ventures create a strategic roadmap for their business, develop their financial modelling, and support their IP strategy.

For Indian Ventures

The dynamics of doing business in India requires thorough understanding of market pulse, ground-fee, regulatory understanding, and various other factors to ensure sustainable success. The fundamentals that make India attractive to investors remain intact. The high potential of the domestic market driven by an emerging middle class, cost competitiveness and a mammoth pool of talent continue to make India one of the most preferred destinations for our survey respondents this year as well. The country’s domestic demand-driven growth model is playing a catalyst role in attracting foreign investments in the country.

Today, India is a trillion-dollar economy with huge untapped potential. India has the potential to take its rightful place as a major economic power, along with USA and China, by 2020.

We encourage any foreign entity intending to start their operations in India to approach us with their initial basic questions.

IPR Advisory

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) are the some of most important assets of an enterprise, and at the same time, some of the most under-estimated and often neglected. Companies with the maximum number of IPR assets, are invariably, those that still lead the pack until today. It is essential, therefore, to nurture a culture over time to develop an IPR Strategy, protect those IPR Assets, which will provide rich dividends in the long-term.

Every second, there is a new creator, designer, writer, programmer, artist etc., out there, somewhere on this planet, creating new models, products, technology, that will create new opportunities and wealth to the owners of such IPR Assets. Therefore, it is not only prudent, but also necessary to protect your inventions. Our professionals, at QED, know the importance of Intellectual property, and strive hard to make sure that your rights are protected to eliminate any potential misuse, that may arise.