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In the recent past, India has witnessed certain big tax policy changes such as GAAR, taxation of indirect transfer of Indian assets in overseas deals, tax accounting standards, each with its own set of complications and resultant impact on the business.

With uncertainty comes opportunity, but the key is to prepare now. Most business decisions have Tax implications which are complicated by nature. We keep ourselves updated and work with our clients to keep them informed on Tax implications to their businesses.

With an unwavering focus on value combined with an unique relationship approach, we ensure that our clients receive uncomparable level of involvement, quality service and responsiveness to manage their tax issues in a sound manner.


The burden of demonstrating the arm’s length nature of the international transactions rests on the taxpayer. Rule 10D of the Indian Income Tax Act, 1962, prescribes thirteen mandatory documents in this regard and requires the taxpayer to maintain documentation contemporaneously. Some of the requirements are general in nature while others are more specific to the relevant international transactions.

Our services would include the following:
  • Creation of documentation as mandated by the Act.
  • Issuance of Form 3CEB to be submitted with the Income Tax Department within the due date of filing of return of income which is 30th November following the end of the financial year, for taxpayers subject to transfer pricing.


Significant amount of tax compliance is now mandatorily required to be done electronically. It is observed that, increasingly companies are interested in outsourcing and centralising such tax compliances. This also ensures consistent tax treatment across locations with reduced legal issues.

Our service includes:
  • Setting up a system or process to ensure data collation
  • Preparing worksheets for tax computation
  • collating data for preparation of applicable tax returns
  • Ensure regularly and timely compliance of tax payments and return filing
  • Ensure compliance of similar tax requirements


Taxation laws have always been complex and a subject matter of interpretation/ litigation. This leads to the Companies receiving Notices requiring them to explain the rationale for following a particular interpretation/ claiming tax benefits, etc. This generally culminates into a long draw litigation matter. Further it is always advisable to obtain upfront clarification from tax offices on specified issue if there is a mechanism in place.

We at QED Corporate Advisors, can assist Companies in better handling and early closure of such matters.

NRI Advisory Services

There are always due concerns related to various taxes and duties that are imposed on them. In order, to have a fair understanding of the local tax and regulatory laws, and their rights, our professionals at QED, offer personalised advisory services to NRI.

Some of QED’s Services to NRI’s include:
  • Foreign Investment Services
  • Income Tax Planning
  • Global Investment Planning in movable and immovable properties
  • Planning of investment in India, abroad, in immovable and movable properties.
  • Bank Account opening, borrowing and lending in India and Bank operations.
  • Compliance and sanctions of regulatory authorities.
  • Application of advanced tax planning strategies.
  • Indian Wealth Tax return Preparation.
  • FEMA / RBI Related Services including Reparation of Income.
  • Tax Representation in front of Statutory Authorities.
  • Import Export License (Asset/ Stock Verification/ IEC Code)
  • Advising on/formulating the business strategy for India.
  • Structuring the investment in India in the most tax efficient manner after considering benefits available under domestic tax laws
  • Advising on portfolio investments and obtainment of necessary approvals.
  • Periodical technical and financial analysis.
  • Cost Savings
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Analysis of Financial Data
  • Informed Decision-making
  • Optimization of business resources and processes